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[To Remove Stains]
All of our mugs are coated with a thick layer of glaze to prevent the beverages to dye into the mug. Fresh stains on your mug are only on the surface. They can be easily removed by washing with a cloth. To remove the cumulated old stains, there is no need for harsh chemicals or special cleansers. Simply use a harder sponge or a soft brush to scrub them off under the water. Do not scrub the pattern on the mug. It may damage the color of the pattern over times. With a right cleaning method, your mug should be able to stay clean for several years. Within two years of usage, if there is some stains difficult to remove, you can send the mug to our company for cleaning for free. Return shipping may be applied.
[Dishwasher & Hard Water]
Our mugs are dishwashable. However, if the water of your region is hard water, we recommend you to use water softener with our mugs for everyday wash. The mineral of the hard water may damage the glaze and discolor our pattern when using the dishwasher frequently. Gold and silver patterns are more sensitive.
[Warranty & Repair]
All the clockworks of our clocks come with three-year warranty from the date of purchase. Please keep the warranty card or proof of purchase for future services. If your clock does not function normally, send it in with the warranty card or proof of purchase to our local representative or our company for examination. It may take up to three weeks for a full examination. Under the warranty, if the problem is a manufacture defect, we will either repair or replace your clock with a new one. Also, we will pay for standard/ground shipping costs in this case. Out of warranty or not-a-defect damages, we shall provide an estimate of repair. For more questions, contact us and we can help you to evaluate or solve the problems before dropping the clock in.
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