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Pethany+Larsen Since 2004
Our Taiwanese Lead Designer, Pethany, graduated from the University of Art in San Francisco. To her, life is to work hard but live for family and joy. Her warm and sincere quality has drawn the undertone of our brand. Our Danish Director, Larsen, worked in Silicon Valley as an engineer for several years. Scandinavian design eocompasses function, beauty, and quality, and Larsen possesses these similar values in work and in life.

Witnessing our life and our world being exposed to chemical dangers, they wanted to make a difference. In 2004, they created the brand in San Francisco to focus on eco-friendly, reliable, and sophisticated everyday accessories for a good quality life. In order to be closer to our producers for quality control, they relocated the office to Taipei, Taiwan in 2005. In 2006, the first conceptual store was opened in Taipei. After ten years in business, our products are now carried by several selling channels across the world. With your support, our story goes on. Timeline
A Simple Quality Life
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